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Modular Programmable Logic Controller of MKLogic-500 Series

PLC of MKLogic-500 series is used to build cross-functional information and control complexes, including distributed control systems (DCS) in different industries. 
MKLogic-500 ensures analog and digital data input and output, which makes it possible to control and monitor mechanisms and processes in industrial areas together with peripheral devices.

It complies with the requirements of GOST IEC 61131-2

State-of-the-art Technical Solutions:


Supported protocols:


PLC MKLogic-500 can be used to control:

Programmable logic controller MKLogic-500 has the necessary licenses and certificates to be applied in the territory of the Customs Union (pattern approval certificate, certificate of conformity to the requirements of CU TR 020/2011 Electromagnetic compatibility of technical means).

Modules within PLC MKLogic-500:

  Central processing module 
  (2 ports Ethernet 100/1000 Base-T; 2 ports RS-485 115200 bit/s)
2   MK-502-142
  Central processing module 
  1 redundancy port (FO), 4 ports Ethernet 100/1000 Base-T, 2 ports 
  RS-485 115200 bit/s
3   МК-513-016
  Analog input module
  16 channels; 0-20mA, 4-20mA, group isolation, 2 groups with 8 in each
4   МК-514-008  
  Analog output module
  8 channels; 0-20mA, 4-20mA
5   МК-516-008  
  Analog input module
  8 isolated; 0-20mA, 4-20mA
6   МК-521-032
  Discrete input module
  32 channels, 24VDC
7   МК-531-032
  Discrete output module
  (32 channels, 24VDC)
8   МК-550-024  
  Power supply module
9   МК-541-002
  Communication module
  (2 ports RS-485 115200 bit/s)
10   MK5-BUS-10/10
  Bus connector

Upon Customer’s request, PLC MKLogic-500 registered as measuring instruments may be supplied with primary calibration.