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About company


JSC NEFTEAVTOMATIKA is a legal successor of Soyuznefteavtomatika, All-Union production enterprise, created on December 31, 1968, by an order of the Minister of Oil Industry to ensure activities of comprehensive automation and telemetry for oil facilities.

The enterprise pioneered the development and introduction of an oil dynamic metering system. It designed oil custody transfer units and launched their production, developed and introduced projects for automation of production facilities, carried out installation and commissioning activities of automation systems, among many other things.


Start of activities related to automation of oil production facilities. Creation of Soyuznefteavtomatika, All-Union production enterprise, in Ufa.

Launch of oil custody transfer units production.


Development of control systems for oil and gas production facilities, oil transportation, development of information systems. The enterprise includes 8 trusts, 15 installation and setup areas from Baku to West Siberia and Sakhalin.


Special Design Office develops and introduces projects for automation of oil production and treatment.

An affiliate of the enterprise, TsNTO Signal, carries out commissioning activities and maintenance of automation systems at the largest fields of the country.


JSC Nefteavtomatika is approved by the head organization of the metrological service of the Russian oil industry.

The Company developed a quality management system certified for the compliance with ISO 9001.


Transformation of the Enterprise into JSC Nefteavtomatika. Preservation of the united enterprise with affiliates and adjustment departments in the main oil production regions of the country.


Growing scope of work for the supply of measuring instruments, development of comprehensive automation systems for oil and gas production, wider range of automation facilities for main oil pipelines.


Creation of MES-level systems, our own software for control of oil and gas production, as well as oil transportation facilities, introduction of the developed software at oil and gas enterprises.


Creation of Head Scientific Metrological Center. The Company strengthened its competences in scientific and practical metrology, development of measurement facilities, test benches of various purposes, regulatory documents and state standards in metrology.


Extension of the list of manufactured equipment and business activities:

  • Start of packaged pump stations production
  • Start of projects implementation for automation of oil refineries and petrochemical plants.


PLC board drying.JPG

Start of MKLogic-500, MKLogic200 PLCs and MIB 200 Ex IS barriers development.


Extension of production capabilities for the manufacture of packaged oil field equipment and oil metering stations. A new workshop for the manufacture of packaged equipment in Ufa, with an area of 6,000 m².

Development of NaftaProcess distributed control system based on MKLogic-500 PLC, and start of NaftaVision SCADA system development.




A new assembly workshop was built in the territory of the Serafimovsky automation pilot plant for the manufacture of packaged oil field equipment, with an area of 3,000 m², and the existing production workshops underwent major revamping.

A new radio electronic equipment workshop was built and started up on the basis of the Engineering production center in Mudarisovo, Ufa district, for serial production of PLCs.

Using experience gathered during half a century, Nefteavtomatika continues developing its competences and new business areas. As of today, the Company is focused on extending areas of packaged oil field equipment production, solutions for automation of oil refineries, as well as automation facilities and software complexes on the basis of its own PLCs.