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Packaged pump stations are automated process complexes used to pump various fluids in field systems of oil, gas and water treatment.

Pump stations are assembled in fully prefabricated modularized packages, which makes it possible to transport them by motor, railway or water transport to the place of installation.

Composition of functional complexes:

  • Packaged building equipped with a life support system, a gas detection system, a fire and monitoring alarm;
  • Main and booster pumps;
  • Filters;
  • Block and control valves;
  • Process piping and cabling;
  • Auxiliary equipment: lube oil stations, cooling systems, vibration compensation complexes, transport systems;
  • Power equipment;
  • Instruments and APCS.

The pump stations are manufactured in various structural designs and of various compozsition depending on the requirements of the Client.

A system of pump stations automation is based on PLCs (the type of controller is approved by the Client at the stage of design). The automation system ensures automatic monitoring, support and control of operating modes for equipment in pump stations, alarm and interlocks of the main process parameters of the station.


All manufactured block pumping stations are subject to mandatory control and testing, both at the place of manufacture and directly on the site, are equipped with spare accessories and tools, and are certified.