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Automation of works for operational accounting and control of available oil and oil products transported via main pipelines, including automated preparation of regulatory reports.


  • Monitoring of material flows during transportation of oil/oil products, drawing up the balances;
  • Approval of measured oil/oil products flows based on a balance model using data from APCS, information and metering system, and external systems;
  • Provision of trustworthy information about flow parameters to process engineering functions and other subdivisions of an oil producing enterprise, and display of processed data using generated report forms;
  • Timely detection of upset process conditions and decision-making on process control;
  • Preparation of a full daily package of balanced trustworthy measurement values;
  • Keeping a source of trustworthy measurement data for all functions and subdivisions of an enterprise;
  • Keeping a record of oil/oil products transportation per pumping directions and types of oil products.


Dispatchers, metrologists, process engineers, oil/oil products accounting specialists, production automation specialists.


  • Real-time data are used from information and metering systems, laboratory information systems and APCS in operation at the enterprise;
  • All debalance calculations are done using a mathematic model of utility networks with due regard to the model history;
  • Oil balance calculations in nodes of utility networks are done based on measured liquids and their parameters (including density depending on the temperature, pressure and water content);
  • Changes of liquid in a vertical steel tank are calculated with due regard to calibration tables;
  • Expected values are formed on the basis of direct measurements and with due regard to the status of facilities (operation/shutdown, etc.);
  • Measured values are approved taking into account a measurement error;
  • Report forms are set up by users;
  • Adjustments of input information accepted for oil balance calculations are recorded and audited.